Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan Cheese

Europa Parmesan Cheese is a traditional Italian style cheese, with a distinctive “Sweet” Flavour.

Choicest quality milk, starter, culture & rennet produce a curd which is then cut fine, stirred gradually heated to aid lactic acid production.  The curd is then drained of whey, pressed & salted before being put into storage for maturing.

Regulatory Requirements

All ingredients, processes, handling & storage meet to conform to “Dairy Food Safety of Victoria” (D.F.S.V.) Standards.


Pasteurized Milk, Culture, Salt & Rennet.  All ingredients to our knowledge are free from any Genetic Modification.

Physical properties

  • Consistency – Firm & Dry
  • Flavour – Sweet, Mellow, Full Flavour
  • Colour – Light Yellow  

Application Areas

Europa Parmesan Cheese is used in many Italian dishes such as adding flavour to soup & pasta dishes also compliments any cheese platter.


The Product is available in:

  • Black waxed/Unwaxed -8kg rounds (random weights) – 90 cartons per pallet
  • Grated Parmesan in 4 x 2kg vacuum seal bags (approx) -80 cartons per pallet
  • Shredded/Shaved  Parmesan also available
  • This Product is perfect for wedging with no wastage, can be wedged to the customer requirement.
  • Each carton is marked with the net weight, package date “Best Before Date”.  Each pallet is stretched wrapped before shipping.

Transport & Storage Customer Requirements

  • Storage is at 4 °C Keep Refrigerated
  • Shelf Life – About 2 years from date of Manufacture.

Specialty Bulk Packaging available, contact Europa Cheese for further details